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Trump will be back, and the evil people will be dealt with when the military goes public with its ongoing arrests, tribunals, and executions. But only when God decides it is time.

But, we (the middle class) are responsible for our present sad state of affairs. We all had a choice over the years. And we selected evil ― in many different categories (voting, healthcare, scriptural instruction, etc.)

Are your religious leaders and teachers telling you this? Probably not. Read Daniel 4:16-17

Now is when we need to repent!

Subjects most people don't know about can be found on this page and also on the What You Need to Know page.

Please visit our Illuminati page for the former updates on the world political situation. Note that both our political and coronavirus situations are a reflection of our collective spiritual deficiencies, as outlined on this page. The magnitude of the problem is such that only God can help us now.

So, stop complaining that Trump and the White Hats are moving too slow for our liking. God will restore Trump when and if the time is right. It's not up to Trump or the White Hats to end this insanity. It is up to God.

But it is up to us to repent, change our attitude, start reading the entire Bible cover to cover ― and practice true Christianity by being a light to the world.

Your religious leaders aren't giving you this information. So, why do you support them? They should all be ashamed of themselves for their actions ― or lack thereof.

Worse, what else are they keeping from you? How about they have kept the scriptures from you stating who you really are ― and what your final destination is.

They are all gutless wonders!

Why God's Intervention Is the Only Answer

  1. We are NOT in the prophesied end times ― or anywhere near them. Only two events have ever happened that are associated with the end times. The creation of the state of Israel in 1948. And possibly the U.S. (under Trump) moving its embassy to Jerusalem, which may result in the prophesied economic union of Israel with some neighboring countries as a result.

  2. The entire book of Revelation and numerous other biblical scriptures deal with the prophesied end-time events. NONE of those prophecies can be fulfilled if the present satanic/cabal genocide pandemic is carried out to its ultimate projected goal of 90% death of the world's population. But many will still die.

  3. A period of extreme prosperity and achievement is prophesied to happen right before the second coming. It is referred to as the Golden Age. That time period cannot happen with the majority of the world's population dead or disabled from the poison shots.

  4. Historically, God has always picked a human being to be instrumental in fulfilling His plan. Noah, Moses, and King David are three of the most notable. None of these people were perfect, as all made mistakes and sinned. But God still backed them anyway.

  5. It would appear that the person God has chosen today is Donald J. Trump. He is the only president to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that is possibly starting to fulfill an end-time prophesy of economic unity with surrounding countries. He is also the only one that has the backing of the top military leadership of the U.S. And that leadership took an oath to defend the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  6. Trump himself has declared that Jesus, not him, is the savior America needs. Watch this video on his wife, Melania.

  7. Only God knows exactly what event is going to trigger Trump's return ― and when. Our responsibility is to continue to live our lives as the Bible instructs, and to pray that God's will be done.

  8. For those that were forcibly vaccinated and/or threatened with severe economic deprivation or internment, rely on God to reveil His will for your particular situation. "...if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them." Mark 16:18 NLT Read these additional scriptures for further guidance. Watch the movie, Died Suddenly. And then detox.


What Does the Future Hold?

There are the two choices presently facing human race:

  1. The present pandemic, planned by satanic elements of the Illuminati years ago as a means to significantly reduce the world's population, will be allowed to play out their genocide with no one to stop it. If this happens, we are all as good as dead right now.

  2. God is in complete control of everything and will intervene when and how He sees fit. This will allow the human race to continue on to eventually enter a Golden Age, the precursor to the prophesied end times. Then (and not now) will the end-time events described in Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible begin to play out with a spectacular ending.

  3. It is presumptuous of us to simply expect God to save us from all of the "bad" people ― because we think we are the "good" people. We are not innocent in this. God is the creator of all things ― both good and bad. We need to repent!

There is only one other time in mankind's history when the entire world was in jeopardy for their lives as they are now. That was right before the Noah flood. And the entire world was subsequently destroyed by God, save for Noah and his family. God said He would never do that again.

But today we face a similar situation. The satanic forces of evil beings in high places seem to be ready to destroy mankind as God once did, only this time through mass vaccinations, food modification and deprivation, oxygen deprivation (masks and 5G,) and poverty in all countries. Their belief in transhumanism is what propels their genocide program.

As if that is not enough, the political situation in the U.S. and much of the rest of the world has turned de-facto-communist overnight. Obvious election fraud (see the election fraud links below and also listed on the Illuminati page alphabetical section) and the refusal of the courts to even look at the evidence proves the depth of the satanic Illuminati/communist entrenchment.

We are on the precipice of which direction this could culminate in. Either our ultimate demise at the hands of the satanists or a removal of the evildoers by the hand of God is about to take place. A renewed awakening and freedom that will accelerate the quality of life for all of mankind could then ensue.

Is the scamdemic a judgement of God on the nations? The decision to heal us is now up to God.  Are we to be punished for mankind's sins, for which there are many? Or will God have mercy on us and allow us to flourish, resulting in an eventual and prophesied end-time golden age period of extreme prosperity?

The lines have now been clearly drawn in the sand. The battlefield is a possible military civil war in the USA. Whichever way the war goes, it will affect the rest of the world who will follow our lead. Large scale deaths may well occur. Civilian, military, or both. Watch this video about the military sting. And watch THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, below.

Many think we are in the biblically prophesied "end times" and believe we will be "raptured" out this trouble. But the Bible makes no mention of a saving rapture, either by name or by discription. And we are not anywhere near the end times. Nor is there any need to be concerned about the "mark of the beast" at this time (though, ironically, those that have bought into the present pandemic paradigm will most likely buy into the beast paradigm when he eventually comes on the scene.)

Specific events are what define the end times, not the level of today's perceived troubles or of exact calculated prophetic dates. Unknown to most Bible scholars is the principle that all prophecies happen in "threes". Utilizing this principle, it would appear that the second coming will occur sometime around the year 2070. Christ Himself said He did not know the date, and that the time could be shortened or lengthened. Only the Father knows. As of this moment, there are no specific end-time events that are even on the horizon.

So, what to do?

Pray and study God's word, that we may be accounted worthy of God's intervention. Only He at this point can perform the miracles that need to be performed to save those of us who fear God and the entire rest of the world.

Repentance For What?

"Why repentance? What did I do wrong?" you might ask.

Maybe nothing.

But since this pandemic is worldwide and affects everyone in the world, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, there has to be something that we as human beings have collectively done wrong. God sees what is going on and could stop this satanic insanity in a celestial heartbeat. But so far, the pandemic seems to be still in the background as planned by what is known as the Deep State/Cabal, the government behind the government, inspired by Satan the Devil. But is the real enemy the Devil... or us? Who is it that continually votes for and supports the Deep State candidates? Who is it that continually puts other gods and idols in front of the real God? Are we getting what we collectively deserve?

Satan or God?

Who is resposible for our present predicament? The Bible states that is God who ultimately selects our leaders. That is why all of our presidents are actually related to one another. And God's involvement would seem to outweigh a temper tantrum from Satan (even though that is prophesied to happen in the future end times.) And if God has indeed chosen Biden (as deserved punishment,) then our future as a freedom loving, prosperous country would come to an end.

In any event, at some point in the selection/election process, God was and is involved. This is a hard pill for most Christians to swallow, but it is well documented in the Bible. God outranks Satan  and selects our leaders, whether they are perceived as good or bad.

King David of ancient Israel may have been the last really "good" leader, even though he had his sins, too. The sins and corruption of all leaders since then and including today's leaders are well documented online. All are connected to the Deep State/Illuminati.

So, whether the phantom pandemic/communist takeover is of God or Satan is, in the final analysis, irrelevant. God's ways are not our ways.

Attention Getters

Historically, God has used two methods to get people's attention to rectify their behavior. In the biblical days He sent prophets to warn the people and the kings. Many of the kings of old were not good or just rulers (even though it was God Himself who may have installed them.) But in modern post-biblical days, God's use of prophets has ceased (with the exception of the prophesied two future Jerusalem witnesses in the end times.)

The second method God has used was death. Stacks of smelly dead bodies tend to get people's and ruler's attention real quick. Whether it be from pestilence, plagues or wars, nothing is worse that a stack of rotting corpses. And the stated purpose of the present pandemic is to accomplish just that. To minimize the overall population of the world. The politically correct term is called "depopulation." It may not happen all at one time, but take a look at the yellow meme below to see what the projected U.S.A. population will be just a few short years from now. Other countries are projected to be reduced accordingly.

The Phantom Pandemic

The pandemic genocide is still part of the plan, unless Trump and the military regain open and full control of the country. The poisonous vaccines under the new Biden-de-facto-communistic rule could be mandated at the federal level instead of just the state level under Trump. Few will survive the multible dosage shots, not to mention the flu shots and children's shots for all adults that will eventually be mandated at the state level. And as long as 75% of the population continues to believe that there is a legitimate pandemic that they must "mask up" for and line up for the so-called preventive vaccine shot, nothing is going to change. And the Deep State knows this. It is their ace-in-the-hole for population control and compliance and is based on complete ignorance by the masses.

The phantom pandemic could get much worse, as it continues to be falsely reported in the news. Their manipulated statistics conveniently indicate an unexpected rise in coronavirus cases from opening up too soon, having family dinners together, and/or some other equally fictitious excuse like the blaming it on the unvaccinated. In reality, it could eventually get worse from the vaccination shots themelves. And from the new phenomena of transference contagion.

Of course, the coronavirus does not really exist and there is not one piece of scientific evidence to justify it's existence. Even the CDC's website admits it cannot be isolated. If it cannot be isolated, then it cannot be identified through any kind of test, either. All tests are now claimed to be 80-90% false positive. In reality they are actually 100% bogus.

So, why are so many people blindly lining up to take a shot filled with incredible poisons and high tech nano bots to prevent a disease that people have a 1% chance of getting and who almost always recover (and is identical to the "flu", which has mysteriously disappeared)? Because they have been conditioned to believe whatever they are told to do by the "authorities." Many claim this is the end-times prophetic "Mark of the Beast". The only problem is that we are nowhere near the end times. See the links, below. But prophecies happen in threes. Is this present activity a precurser for the Mark of the Beast? Time will tell.

The Real Goal

Mandatory worldwide vaccination is the Deep State's presently stated immediate game plan. However, the vaccinations will not eradicate the virus. This is what happened during the infamous worldwide "Spanish Flu" pandemic, where the vaccines actually caused the pandemic. Vaccinations have historically never stopped any disease. The side effects for all vaccines are severe and often deadly. They are basically poisons, as verified by the Poison Control Center. The authorities will eventually do what they do now with the ineffective flu vaccine and claim that the virus has unexpectedly changed its "strain," rendering the new federally or state mandated coronavirus vaccine ineffective. Statistically, number of people who died in 2020 was barely more than in previous years.

This will be the beginning of their real goal global depopulation (genocide). For those not quite grasping the meaning of that, it means the satanically led Deep State wants you and your loved ones dead. As in 6 feet under instead of just 6 feet apart. Let that sink in for just a moment before you read the text in the box below. Then read the depopulation links, the yellow meme, and all of the Agenda 21/2030/2050 links listed at the bottom of this page.

Why Can't We Say the "G" Word?

Ironically, the concept of worldwide genocide (the "G" word) seems to be going right over everyone's head. It's as if it is all too fantastic to be taken seriously. Few talk about it on Facebook or anywhere else. At least in Noah's time they had the ongoing ark construction project to laugh at and be the topic of conversation for the day. "What flood? I don't see any rain. I don't even see a cloud in the sky," they probably said as they walked by the unfinished ark, snickering at the absurdity of the whole thing.

What people talk about on Facebook and elsewhere is the following: the ridiculously low rate of infection and death from the coronavirus, the absurdity of masking and isolation, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, the proposed microchipping and DNA altering poisons in the vaccines, the horiffic school masking and isolation conditions, the risks of state kidnapping while at school, closed or restricted businesses and the resulting economic devastation, the coming digital currency, BLM/ANTIFA terrorists, how the informed people are going to refuse the mandatory vaccines (as if the Deep State came all this way just to give people a choice,) the communist takeover of the world's democratic governments, Bill Gates and the other leading proponents of the plandemic and their nefarious, hypocritical activities, drug company and pedophilia connections and histories. Oh, and the ongoing chemtrail poisoning along with the ongoing flouride water poisoning that is slowly killing us all. Let's not forget the latest government weather modification, designed to both punish and destroy large segments of the population.

And now, the monkeypox virus. It's even hard to say while keeping a straight face. "Who could possibly fall for such an incredulous idea?" is what we are all really thinking.

And the biggest distraction issue of all: the Democrats, the Democratic Party and their bizarre candidates, their previous two high profile females that are really males, the two we have right now (one of which can't seem to climb stairs and the other who looks female but is really male,) their pending arrests for crimes too numerous and heinous to mention, massive voting irregularities, the election and who really won, and the ridiculously generous benefit packages and lack of term limits for Congress (who care about themselves only and have gone on vacation while the country continues to suffer and do nothing when they return.) Let's not forget about their paltry $174,000 a year salary and how they all become millionaires within their first year in Congress.

If all of this is not enough of a diversion, many bring up the ongoing child trafficking and pedophilia that continues to permeate the elites as it has since the beginning of time.

And not to forget our friends in England, Canada, and Australia, the countries appear to have gone communist overnight as we get daily reports on Facebook. The Chinese flag flies proudly next to the Australian flag at one police station. Draconian restrictions are in place in Australia and New Zealand. And now even making remarks about it on Facebook can result in one's arrest inside one's own home in front of one's own family. New legislation has just been passed allowing for indefinite detention for anyone they feel is likely to refuse or fail to comply with an order. Dozens of detention camps have been set up around the country that are being utilized.

And Canada now has large contingents of armed Chinese troops legally stationed on Canadian soil. One base is right on the border close to Seattle, only an hour away. Chinese personnel now man key screening posts at airports.

But none of these issues mean a thing if you are dead from the "genocide." Let us call it what it really is!


Let the Deaths Begin

Masking (forced carbon dioxide and bacteria poisoning,) combined with the new so-called coronavirus vaccine, implementation of all other childhood vaccinations for both children and adults (including flu shots,) and increased 5G radiation poisoning, should do the job quite well of quietly decreasing the world's population over the next few years. Today's coronavirus news statistics are based on bogus death certificates as hospitals are paid $13,000 to $39,000 to list COVID-19, as the cause of death, even if they were run over by a Mack truck. So will the new statistics be equally bogus once the vaccinations start adversely affecting people, as they now are.

Previously, before the pandemic started, we had the phenomena of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,) caused by mulitple vaccine injections just days before the child's death. SIDS decreased dramatically during the lockdown as parents no longer took their kids in for "wellness checks" (which was usually the beginning of vaccination injections for their children.)

Now we will also have SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) for the exact same reason. It will start as soon as the cocktails of vaccines are injected into adults. People are still happily lining up to voluntarily take the death shots, including those who have exerienced adverse reactions to previous shots. It is estimated that 50-75% of all people will be willing participants. VAERS death related events (based on only a 1% reporting rate) indicates that in the U.S. alone that over 4,000,000 people are now dead from the vaccines. Whatever statistic you read on the VAERS site, just add 2 zeros for the real 100% figure. Dr. Judy Mikovitz estimates 50 million will die in the U.S. alone from the long term side affects of the vaccination shots.

Doing some simple math based on the projected population figure for 2025 in the yellow meme in the next section below, a population reduction of 155,479 per day for the next 4 years could be expected. Most, however, will not occur until they crank up the accompaning 5G specific frequencies designed to interact with the brain's gene-altering nano bots in the experimental vaccines. And that is just for the United States. Interestingly enough, similar forecast charts for all of the countries have now been removed from the Deagel site, the leading website of population forecasts trusted by all governments worldwide.

Vaccinations began on December 8, 2020. Serious reactions and deaths are now being reported on a daily basis. But you won't hear about any of them on the evening news. You will only hear about them on the Internet.


Has anything of this magnitude ever happened before?

Only once, when God decided to destroy the entire population of the earth, save for Noah and his family. And He did accomplish that, as noted in the text box, above.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no ongoing Star Wars-like battle between the "forces of good and evil" (though the Bible does mention violence in high places.) God created Satan evil from the very beginning and put him in charge of this earth. This is a hard pill for most people to swallow, but it is well documented in the Bible. God is the creator of all things, both good and evil, and He is ultimately in complete charge of everything. And He makes no mistakes. Historically He has allowed evil to occur, whether of His doing, Satan's, or others, and has let major evil deeds proceed uninterrupted. Just look at the previously manufactured world wars and the bogus Spanish Flu pandemic (caused by the poisonous vaccines,) both orchestrated by the same Deep State that planned our present bogus pandemic. Read Does God Commit Evil? and God's Use of Evil and the Allotment.

Satan's Lies

Satan has taken advantage of mankind's longtime misunderstanding of the nature of "viruses." Based on Louis Pasteur's fraudulent research, the world believes that there are disease-causing viruses that attach themselves to people and objects and travel long distances to create all kinds of medical havoc around the world, including death.

But it is in fact just one of Satan's many lies. Such disease-causing viruses simply don't exist. But the fear of the a virus does exist, causing people to cower behind their oxygen depriving, bacterial pneumonia causing facemasks, and do whatever the authorities say to do.

If people knew the truth, we would all be laughing at the phantom coronavirus instead of gasping for air in public places. Satan is the one having the last laugh here, knowing that his inspired social distancing and silly looking, useless masking programming is dehumanizing to all of mankind.

End Times

Many believe this is the beginning of the prophetic end-time events revealed in the Bible. But it is not. Even if this present depopulation genocide were to refer to the prophesied "pale horseman" of Revelation 6:8, predicted to result in a 25% depopulation by pestilence and other causes, there are no other coinciding end-time events happening now. Not even the prophesied but rarely mentioned end-time "golden age" is foreseen at this time.

However, one potential prophecy seems to have recently begun.

On December 6, 2017, President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by moving the U.S. embassy there. Since then, several other Arab states have done the same and signed peace accords with Israel. Biblical prophecy indicates that eventually 10 surrounding nations will partner with Israel to create a powerful economic union. It is unknown how long this process will take to be considered a fulfilment of prophecy, but it is a start. This would never have happened under a Biden presidency. Is this a sign that God is backing Trump?

By best chronological estimates, the end-times will not occur for another 40-50 years. Even more significant, it is specific end-time events that define the final end-time period, most of which are not even on the horizon (read End-time Prophetic Events.) Additionally, many think the present talk of microchip implants for vaccine identification refers to the dreaded end-time "Mark of the Beast" (and here) or "666." It does not.

Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes (etc.), and all of the other accompanying "signs" of the end-times have been going on for centuries (see Why We Are Not In the End Times.) And few understand that all major prophecies happen in "threes" (see The Great Generation and Modern Prophecy.)

5G Radiation Poisoning

Masquerading as the cold-like coronavirus/COVID-19, the real angels of death are the 5G cell phone installations around the world. In Latin, "corona" means crown (where the radiation is emitted,) and "virus" means poison. Together we get "radiation poisoning," as in 5G. The most deadly effect of the radiation is the reverse polarity of one's oxygen at 60 Ghz, resulting in not being able to assimilate oxygen into the bloodstream properly. This in turn is misdiagnosed by doctors to be pneumonia. Patients are then put on a ventilator at high volume and usually expire shortly thereafter. The hospital then gets rewarded by the government for their participation in the genocide with a handsome payment of $39,000 for listing the cause of death as COVID-19, instead of the normal $13,000.

In the weaponized mode, the effects are even more severe and deadly. Most 5G installations are within 1,000 feet of most homes and businesses. Many are sitting on top of street lamposts or on the tops or sides of buildings. Few show up on any 5G map locations. Worse, there are no inexpensive 5G detectors for people to buy to measure the microwave radiation they are being bombarded with. 5G can also be transmited through the optical street lighting system, too.

And as if that is not bad enough, the plan also includes putting thousands of 5G satellites into orbit to beam the microwave radiation directly down to us. There will be no place for humans to hide.

This assault is of epic proportions. Not only can this genocide be easily achieved, but there is a real danger that all animals and insects could also be eliminated. If the bees were to be eliminated, there would only be four years worth of food left. The satanic elites would be destroying themselves, in addition to us.

The 5G system can also be weaponized to target individual people wherever they may be in the world. This type of weaponry has already been used in recent wars. And it is being used against selected individuals right now.

There is no specific mention in the Bible of another worldwide depopulation taking place, with the exception of the previously mentioned "pale horseman." Nor is there any other specific calamity of this magnitude prophesied to occur before the end times, especially one involving worldwide high-tech genocide. This pandemic clearly does not fall under any of the words used in the Bible to describe the end times, especially the misapplied word "pestilence." There are no "pests" involved here, just poisons and harmful radiation.

Our Sins

In any event, we are not without sin. Sins that needs to be repented of.

So, what are mankind's sins? The list would appear to be endless and much too long to discuss in this short article. Mankind has not changed much over the last 6,000 years, as documented in biblical scripture. Our sins are all listed in the Bible.

But what are the most grievous sins? If I had to take a guess, I would start with our replacement of God Almighty with other gods, just as our ancestors have done since the beginning of time. After leading Israel out of Egyptian bondage by parting the Red Sea, God took 40 years to lead them to the Promised Land because of their ungodly, ungrateful and disobedient behavior. But Google maps show it was a mere 6 day walk away. Is our behavior any different today? I think not.

The Allopaths. Our First God

When we are sick, who do we turn to? Usually we go see our local health insurance-approved allopathic doctor. The one with the satanic snake and rod symbol on his office door and his stationary.

And what does he do for us? He prescribes an acidic drug, almost always with severe side effects. But then we pay the price, as rarely does one get better from drugs. Or worse, he recommends a poisonous vaccine, to protect us from a non-existent virus. And we willingly accept it. And the vaccines we take and also give to our innocent children often result in long-term debilitating disease and even death (a form of heathen child sacrifice.) Is God now giving us a real taste of our preferred medicine through the now-released double-dosage/booster-required poisonous coronavirus vaccines?

The whole concept of eating proper wholesome God-given Garden of Eden foods and using natural healing methods rarely crosses our minds. After all, we foolishly pay a fortune for our so-called health insurance and want to get our monies worth out of it. Health insurance alternatives amazingly are rejected by most Christians. Notice how both we and the medical staff refer to the allopathic doctor. "DOCTOR will be right in..." they say in reverent tones. Not, "THE doctor will be right in..." We essentially treat him like God Almighty.

Satan loves to mock us with our lack of discernment. Even now with this alleged pandemic that statistically doesn't even qualify as a pandemic and is less dangerous than the common cold, who do we turn to for relief and help that obviously cannot be achieved on a human level?

Not God.

Our Politicians. Our Second God

It would appear that the entire world is roughly divided into two groups. Those that felt that President Trump did not do enough or did not do it soon enough to avoid the pandemic. They believe everything they hear on the evening news is true and obediently wear their self-destructive masks while keeping 6 feet from the next person. These are the same people now lining up for the  poisonous vaccination shot. And who think Trump was the worst person in the world.

Then we have those who believed President Trump did all of the correct things as quickly as he could. And they believed that re-electing him will ensure a quick end to the pandemic, and restore law and order and prosperity throughout the nation and consequently throughout the whole world. Most of us still feel that he will be re-instated at some point in the very near future by the military and by God.

But for now he is has been replaced, at least temporarily, and only God knows the true future. But we never asked Him. We put another God in front of Him. We rely on our elected officials to solve our problems for us instead.

Home News

U.S. Military Holding White House for Trump’s Return
By Michael Baxter - July 23, 2021

The man who calls himself president, Joseph R. Biden, has never set foot in the real White House, Real Raw News can now report. Immediately following the results of the 2020 presidential election, the U.S. military assumed provisional control of the White House amid concerns that Biden and his Deep State allies had indeed stolen the election.

On election night, as President Donald J. Trump’s commanding lead over Biden seemed to magically evaporate, the U.S. military was already investigating reports of collusion between the Biden campaign and the Chinese-sponsored hacking group Nakion, which is surreptitiously funded by the PLA. The shadowy cyberwarfare group has a history of interfering in foreign elections and is a principal player in the PLA’s cyberwar with Taiwan.

The military has evidence proving that the Biden campaign not only had knowledge of but also encouraged Nakion’s intrusion into Dominion voting machines. Dominion provided election equipment and software to 28 states, including battleground states where Trump’s imperious advantage shifted in favor of Biden during the wee hours of the morning.

While America slept, the military watched.

On November 4, at 5:00 a.m., Trump received a telephone call from Joint Chiefs of Staff member Marine Corps General David H. Berger, who revealed that Chinese saboteurs had penetrated Dominion voting machines in at least 6 states. Gen. Berger told Trump the military had failed to thwart the attack because “someone on the inside” fought its efforts to regain control of voting software. When Trump asked Berger to consult Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley, Berger reportedly said, “Mr. President, I don’t think we can trust him. I suggest you immediately sign the Insurrection Act.”

The Insurrection Act of 1807, when enacted, supersedes the Posse Comitatus Act, the latter of which limits the powers of the federal government in the use of federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.

Three days after the election, as fraudulent votes were still being tallied, Gen. Berger told Trump he’d do everything possible to prevent Biden’s installation as president. But on day 4 almost every media outlet, most of congress, and the liberal elite endorsed Biden as the victor.

Despite his illegitimate victory, Biden met an unwelcome surprise when he arrived at the White House on January 20. Instead of getting a ceremonial greeting, he and Kamala Harris were stopped by National Guard and U.S. Marines at the barbwire fence encircling the White House. The Marines informed them that the military had assumed control of the Executive Branch and instructed them to vacate the area. When Harris belligerently said, “Move aside, we’re president now, the Marines locked the gate.

Although most military supported Trump, Biden had his allies—the intelligence agencies, the Secret Service, and dissident elements of the U.S. Military, including a few high-ranking generals and admirals.
RRN heard but cannot confirm a report of a brief firefight that occurred after Kamala Harris had ordered the Secret Service to storm the White House. According to the report, two Secret Service agents were killed and one Marine was seriously injured before Biden’s forces were repelled from the grounds.

To avoid shame and maintain an illusion of power, Biden’s people concocted a rouse, supported by his media allies, to deceive the American public into believing he had won a fair election and had moved into the White House on schedule.

Inside Actor/Producer Tyler Perry’s 300-acre Atlanta estate sits a three-story stucco replica of the commander-in-chief’s residence, which he originally built as a set piece for a television show. Perry, a Democrat who endorsed Biden and funneled millions of dollars into his campaign, allowed Biden to use the faux White House as an operating base. Although the replicant White House is built to 80% scale, on television and in images it’s indistinguishable from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Biden and Harris have been using the facsimile to feign leadership and impose despotic rule on the nation. It is from there that Biden’s criminal press secretary, Jen Psaki, delivers daily press briefings, and Biden hosts foreign dignitaries. Alas, the whole of the mainstream media, including Fox News, abides this fiction perpetrated on the American public.

Meanwhile, the real White House has been dark, guarded by our nation’s finest. Stalwart observers and even Trump’s allies have proven the White House is empty. In May, Trump ally and attorney Lynn Wood penetrated the veil of secrecy by sneaking inside the White House to prove that neither Biden nor any member of the presidential staff dwelt within. Instead, Trump’s photographs still adorned the West Wing, and papers bearing his signature still sat on the Resolute Desk.

RRN has heard from sources both in the military and within Trump’s inner circle, all of whom claim the White House is being preserved for its proper occupant, Donald J. Trump, whose return to authority is imminent.


State Governor/Dictators

The power to mandate our lives was conveniently shifted away from the president to the state governors, and to our county and city officials, many of whom are blatantly communist in their philosophical and dictatorial approach to the phantom virus. Additionally, we have the U.N. Agendas 21 and 2030 to contend with, which are the guidelines for the Deep State/New World Order. See the links below.

Religious Answers

For those looking for a religious answer, we have a plethora of religious prophet-types who are here to accommodate us. You can spot them instantly when they say, "...the Lord showed me..." (usually in a dream.) Notice how God chose to reveal monumental secrets to only them and not anyone else. Their general understanding of end-time events is just as lacking as those of most churches and Bible preachers.

Non-Religious Answers

Should one not buy into the biblical prophet scenario, there is a whole array of non-religious mystical gurus who claim to have special "channeled" information about what is going on behind the scenes. They will encourage people to meditate, think positive thoughts and imaginations, hoping that we will collectively raise our vibrational level so that the universe will somehow realign itself, override Satan, eliminate all fear, and the evil pandemic will simply disappear. But their theories, knowledge, and track record are also equally lacking.

Conservative News

Next is the conservative FOX News people who keep you entertained 24 hours a day with their version of what is happening. They ask a lot of good questions, but never demand credible answers from their guests. They amazingly still haven't figured out what really happened on 9/11, indicating that they, too, are controlled.

Ultra-Conservative News

They are, of course, the closest to the real truth. But what they lack is a good biblical understanding of history and prophecy. And like all of the rest, they offer no viable solutions. Some may even be what is known as the "controlled opposition." UPDATE: The recent Brunson/SCOTUS debacle proves that none of these people have all of the answers. Only God does. See the list of The Best Daily News Sources and Recommended News Sources.

The Demonstrators

Next are the activist demonstrators who are convinced that now is the time to demonstrate and take action against the government. Forget that this has historically never worked and that the Bible warns against taking matters into one's hands. They are convinced that we still live in a constitutional democracy where it is your civic duty to make your voice heard by lobbying our representatives and protesting to government offices (which are usually vacant whenever they are there protesting.)

They are certain that centuries of evil governmental behavior will be corrected by simply writing a three-word grievance on a piece of cardboard with a stick glued to it. Or by signing an online petition to stop the evil. Or if all else fails, they imagine that their public demonstrations will at least inspire citizens to rise up in rebellion and take some kind of undefined action against the government.

Not realized is that even if a million or more people show up for the demonstration, there is never any coverage by the controlled news media. The vast majority of non-participating citizens will go about their lives totally unaware of what is happening on the streets, and that they are being censored by the controlled news media. A few pictures will be posted on Facebook, viewed by the small percentage of already informed people and their friends. The demonstrators will feel good about their efforts for a few days, relishing the camaraderie of the many other people who hold the same values as they do. Then the euphoria gradually diminishes as it becomes painfully obvious that nothing is going to change despite their best efforts. Read Should Christians Become Involved With the Affairs of the World?

Locked and Loaded

Last but not least, we have your "locked and loaded" quiet next door neighbor. They don't say much and generally are not activists. But they are armed and ready for that last shoot-out with either criminals, rioters, or your local not-so-friendly SWAT team. No mention is ever made of what happens when one runs out of ammunition. Or when the SWAT team lobs a tear gas canister through the window and orders you to come out with your hands up as you start to choke to death from the tear gas fumes.

But fending off the bad guys, and/or going down in a blaze of glory seems to be their general mindset and their answer to the impending disaster. No thought is given to the biblical admonition of, "...those who use the sword will die by the sword." Their only concern is whether to buy the lightweight Glock or the heavier Smith & Wesson handgun. Of course, under the Biden presidency, they may eventually be turning in their guns anyway. Read Sell Your Cloak to Buy a Sword and Fighting the NWO.

The Churches

Conspicuously absent from the world stage are the world's leaders of the major religions and churches. Why have none of them spoken out about the obvious evil of this pandemic? And why aren't they calling for worldwide repentance? It's as if they, too, are controlled by the same satanic influences as they hide behind their government-controlled corporate 501(c)(3) tax status. Many have now openly cooperated with the various government agencies to facilitate the genocide by encouraging their people to be obedient to everything the government says. Disappointingly, the smaller independent preachers and researchers, who have no constraints, have also elected to remain quiet.

The Holy Days

Have the churches committed an even greater sin than mentioned above? Have they failed to teach us the truth about holy days. Are the established days to honor God really bogus? Where in the Bible or even in early Christian history is there any record of Christmas, Easter, or even Sunday worship? It is nowhere to be found. These days are pagan at best. Yet we still want God to to ignore our irreverent behavior and save us from the satanic evils that we face today. Just like ancient Israel did.

The Children

Down through history civilizations have worshipped other gods. Most had one thing in common. That is the sacrifice of their young innocent children to those gods. Nothing has changed in our modern day world. Today the marketing and transport of children (and adults, too) has become a major billion dollar business. As if it is bad enough that parents sacrifice their own children on the alter of allopathy with harmful vaccines, but we all collectively choose to turn a blind eye to the mass pedophilia industry. Patriotic writers and news sources have for years tried to expose this horrendous satanic practice, only to have it rejected by most people. Are we therefore equally guilty of this sin through our collective denial of its very existence? Are the horrors of abduction, torture and perverted sex not graphic enough to get upset about? What will it take? A little genocide, maybe?


Historically we have never collectively repented of our sins. We as human beings have seemingly learned little in the 6,000 years of our existence.

The words of the inspired Bible are how God has chosen to communicate with us down through the ages. When was the last time we actually read the Bible, cover to cover, starting with the Old Testament, to learn the lessons of history, and to absorb the inspired words and thoughts of God? Where the theme of repentance is continually repeated?

Probably never.

What Rights?

Many people are complaining about their "rights" being violated. God-given rights and Constitutional rights. Well, the Constitution seems to be on hold at the moment. That is why we were stuck at home for no good reason and were coerced to wear oxygen depriving masks in public.

But the so-called God-given rights simply do not exist. Everything in life is a "gift" from God, not a right. "Everything" includes the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and our very own lives. There is only one "right" mentioned in the Bible the right to eventually become a member of the God Family.

Did I Mention Repentance?

So, in closing, let us individually and collectively repent of our many transgressions and ask God, through prayer, for divine protection from the horrors that may await us. Only He can stop Satan and his minions at this point, if it be His will. And only He can provide us and our families with individual divine protection, as described in the quoted scriptures in the text boxes below.

Don't assume that because you are a good person with conservative values that you can just sit back and do nothing. We need to be proactive and ask for God's protection for yourself and your family through daily prayer. We can assume nothing in regards to our own safety in this genocide unless we diligently ask. The Bible says that, "God's ways are not our ways." He may well allow this worldwide genocide to proceed for a period of time, or even to it's ultimate satanic conclusion. Historically, God never intervened in the American Civil War, World War I and II, nor in the worldwide Spanish Flu pandemic. All of these events were scripted beginning-to-end by the blood relatives of the very same people who have scripted our present worldwide pandemic genocide and NWO reset. Read the Illuminati page.

What Does the Bible Say About Personal Protection?

Mandatory vaccinations, either through threatened employment termination, passport validation in order to travel, or  through forced door-to-door vaccination, is a distinct possibility.  And what if the satanic powers that control us decide to utilize the weaponized features of the new 5G microwave telcom system installed worldwide, which would interact with the vaccination poisons in our bodies, or would attack our bodies even if we are not vaccinated? If these potential horrific scenarios are not soon stopped by intervention by Trump and/or the military, what protection does God promise us?

  1. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness... 2 Timothy 3:16

  2. ...And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20

  3. Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:10–12

  4. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only look with your eyes and see the recompense of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place—the Most High, who is my refuge 10 no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent. 11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. 12 On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone. Psalm 91:7-12

  5. "Our main offensive weapon is the Word of God, the sword of the Spirit. The shield of righteousness can also be used as an offensive weapon. Prayer and supplication (petition) is the equivalent of the radio which communicates direct with headquarters, with God. We have total and instant communication with God the Father to help us fight our spiritual battles as He directs, remembering always that we are not fighting against human agents" (quote from ASK.)

  6. God can protect us from the harmful effects of plague if we trust in Him. The 5G radiation now permeating the entire world could be considered a "plague," in addition to the horrifc vaccinations already in place.

  7. No evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home. Psalm 91:10 NLT. Also read ALL of the Psalms when you are feeling alone and/or unsafe.

  8. Entire Chapter on God's promised protection.

  9. Forced vaccinations could be considered a type of poisoning. God provided a poison healing to the Israelites, once they repented. Numbers 21:4-9 NLT.

  10. And in the New Testament, ...if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. Mark 16:18 NLT

  11. The people waited for him (Paul) to swell up or suddenly drop dead. But when they had waited a long time and saw that he wasn’t harmed, they changed their minds and decided he was a god. Acts 28:6

  12. Cast all your care upon him (Christ); for he cares for you. I Peter 5:6,7.

  13. Is the scamdemic a judgement of God on the nations?

  14. Will God Destroy the Righteous Along With The Wicked?

More protection advice is below.

Links for Learning

Be sure to click on the links below for further understanding, and for specific biblical instructions on Personal Safety During End-Time Prophecy. Especially read the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic Hoax. And watch the Plandemic II: Indoctornation video. Will God Destroy the Righteous Along With The Wicked?

Also read the link about Satan. He's not who you think he is.

Read the Bible

And, if you haven't read the Bible cover to cover, now might be a good time to start. If you don't have a Bible, you can read it online in any of the many translations for free; even on your cell phone. Click on Bible Online or Online Bibles.

Finally, two important articles; Just Who Are You? Most people go through life never finding that answer.

And, Will You Be In The Kingdom of God and The First Resurrection? You do have a choice. And this choice supercedes in importance everything else on this page.

Rest assured that God is still in control of everything. And while President Trump still appears to be on top of everything (from behind the scenes and still in command with the nuclear codes) that was and is within his control, the assasination attemps continue. Let's pray that God continues to protect him and uses him to preserve our freedoms if it be His will. Whatever happens in the USA will determine what happens throughout the entire rest of the world.

Thank you for reading.

Ken N.

November 19, 2022



The Biggest Conspiracy EXPOSED




U.S. Election Theft

I assume everyone watched the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. Everything went off without a hitch, though all of it was staged. It was televised in Europe before it was shown in the U.S. How can that happen?

All of the predictions of possible alternative scenarios failed to come true. And all of us felt let down. This not only was discouraging to us, but also for the whole world. Everyone was hoping that Trump's continued leadership might change the other countries of the world as well. Watch this video Brainwashed America.

The United States November 3rd election temporarily took the spotlight away from the pandemic. The 2020 election resulted from the controlled Deep State news media announced Biden as the winner. The election was obviously fraudulent on many different levels. Legitimate legal moves were made to contest the election, all to no avail. See the Election Fraud links and the Trump Legal Team video. Trump's legal team put their lives on the line to preserve the Republic (and the world.) But the corruption ran extremely deep. Trump won with 75% of the vote. Click here for the latest on the Arizona audit.

There were many things going on behind the scenes that we were not privy to. Our 5D-chess-playing President Trump was on top of everything. FEMA loyalist Pete Gaynor was in charge since January 14, 2020, and the Department of Defense Chris Miller was installed by President Trump. The Marines answer directly to the President. The military was and is fully set on supporting the Constitution, though they have their sins, too.

So who is to blame for the election fiasco?

We can start with the demographics of Democratic supporters. As a rule, they are not your successful, educated Christian-Judeo-valued middle class patriotic Americans. They are a very wide diversity of people, as evidenced by their appearance on the streets in their premature celebration of Biden's win. Many are the result of the brainwashing of most of our institutes of "higher education," all of which are Democratic faculty infested.

And it is an apparently heavily gender biased situation, too.

I hesitate to even bring this subject up, but 6,000 years ago in the Garden of Eden, God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Along comes Satan and persuades Eve that she would be better off if she did eat from it (kind of like voting Democrat in order to better oneself and the heck with the consequenses.) According to the charts below not much has changed since then.

Higher Education A Contradiction in Terms?

Is it possible that even after all this time, with the advancement of society and the education of humans in general, we still can't discern good from evil? Is it possible that there is an inverse relationship between higher education and common sense? Is our so-called higher education the key to understanding why highly educated people tend to totally lack discernment? They can't tell right from wrong or good from bad.

You be the judge.

Whether one identifies as Republican or Democrat, the fact is that both parties are controlled by the same satanic Deep State/Illuminati. This is not a new phenomena as it has existed in principle since the biblical days (see the Deep State/Illuminati links below.) Both parties abide by the decisions passed down through the generational family bloodline chain of command (upper chamber to lower chamber.) This is why most countries are onboard with the phantom pandemic genocide. The possible coming martial law/civil war and possible shooting war with China could be a Deep State/Illuminati (movie-like) script that leaders of both sides play a part in. Or it could be real. Read The Great Reset Abolishes the U.S. Constitution & English Bill of Rights and Civil War Coming and Personal Protection.

NOTE: Deagle's listed sources are all from Deep State controlled organizations. Deagle itself refuses to comment on their own statistics, other than what they have published. They obviously are Deep State controlled, too. These forecast charts have now disappeared from the Deagel site.


Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic Genocide

Should I take the shot if it is mandated by my employer or school?

  1. Under no circumstances should you immediately take the shot, or resign from your job. You will have no recourse down the road if you do. Do your best to challenge it with your employer. There are many arguments and links to forms in our military section (who face the same dilemma.) Your employer may have made their decision based on their misunderstanding on what is really going on, and may have second thoughts about it based on your objections if properly presented. Note that if you are fired you probably will not be able to collect unemployment, unless you can prove religious discrimination through the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  2. Sound advice for students that can't get into school without having to get the death shot: Jon Lively - Most colleges and universities require a booster to attend school in the fall. If your dream is to become a doctor, lawyer, certified mechanic, plumber, or a nurse or an accountant, or anything that requires higher education, and the school you want to go to won’t let you go there because you’re not boosted… don’t go there.
    If you can’t find a single school that will accept you the way you are… then change your life course. Open a flower shop. Build fences and decks. Chop firewood. Clean toilets. Accept that you operate on a different frequency than the rest and stop trying to be apart of the corrupt system that demands your soul for a piece of paper.
    You may not make as much money… you might make more. Much more. But more importantly, you’ll still own your body. And your integrity. You’ll thank yourself later.

  3. If that does not work, you need to consider your financial situation and/or your ability to find another job that will also not make a similar demand. National mandates may eventually become instituted (legal or not,) in which case changing jobs would be counter productive. This will all change when Trump returns, of course. Safe Jobs (RedBaloon) offers jobs free of firing.

  4. If your situation becomes one of being between the proverbial rock and a hard place, it is then between you and God. It is your relationship with God that may ultimately be the deciding factor. God knows your predicament and does not expect you to starve to death or be unable to pay your bills. Nor does he expect you to defile the temple of God with known Satanic poisons. Ask God to help you find you another job where this is not an issue (even if it is half the pay and you have to make seious living standard sacrifices.) Ask yourself how can you glorify God with your actions.

  5. If you are ever in a situation where you are physically forced take it, read the biblical  scriptures where God healed those poisoned under various circumstances in the past. God can still perform similar miracles.

  6. It is still expected that the military will take over and immediately set new elections in which Trump will win by a landslide, as he already did in 2020. The vaccine program will be immediately suspended. Conversely, if he is delayed, some form of mandatory vaccination may be instituted worldwide. If that happens, the cabal may achieve its goal of up to 90% depopulation.

  7. More survival links here and here.

Should one participate in street or truck stoppage demonstrations?

  1. Street demonstrations accomplish nothing. They go unnoticed by the controlled press and have no impact on the decision making officials who fear their (cabal) superiors far more than they fear millions of people in the streets.

  2. Street demonstrations have the ability to get violent real fast if infiltraited by terrorist organizations (who may be deressed as peaceful demontrators.) And sometimes the instigation comes from the police themselves, who are ordered to stir things up.

  3. Truck stoppage demonstrations also accomplish nothing, except hurt the very people they are supposed to be helping (who can no longer buy necessities of life because they are no longer being delivered.) And, like the street demonstrators, face a possibility of violence, not to mention repercussions from the government regulating agencies.

  4. God promises His protection to those who remain in their homes. Nowhere does he condone demonstrations or rebellion. It is God who places the world's leaders in their positions. Fighting the New World Order is not biblically condoned.

Should one wear a mask if mandated by government officials?

  1. Masking does nothing to resolve the so-called coronavirus as there is no evidence that there are any kind of disease-causing viruses to begin with.

  2. Masking is dehumanizing, unhealthy and unsafe. People have already died from the side effects of masking. Masking should be minimized or avoided completely for one's own mental and physical health.

  3. Many businesses will say nothing to you if you do not mask, even though their door signage may state, "No Mask No Entrance." Be aware that any business has a legal right to require a mask, just as they can require customers to wear shirts and shoes. They also do not have to grant exceptions to medical exemptions as long as they also provide an alternative delivery service, which most do.

  4. Many law enforcement agencies have publically stated that they will not enforce masking. However, penalties and enforcement of masking vary by location, with some being draconian in nature. The legality of mandatory masking is highly debatable and so far unchallenged in the higher courts of law. Most courts would probably uphold masking, however, as they are in fact Admiralty Maritime courts of law, as indicated by the gold fringe on their displayed American flag. The constitutional American flag has no gold fringe.

  5. Many businesses require their employees to wear a mask full time while on the job. Unfortunately they have a legal right to terminate any employee who refuses. Businesses are under government pressure to abide by mandates in order to survive.

  6. Oddly enough, the issue of mask specifications were originally left undefined in most locations. Literally anything draped around your face was acceptable, including the popular "mesh-masks" that allow for completely free and unobstructed breathing. Wisconsin was the only known state to issue specifications. Now, most states define a complete face covering.

Should I allow my child to go back to school?

  1. The requirements in most schools include masking, despite all of the established debilitating health issues of wearing one that have been made public.

  2. Additionally, hand washing throughout the day will be enforced. The soaps utilized by institutions are often harmful to the body. Anything applied to one's skin is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

  3. The classrooms will be regularly cleaned with questionable products that may produce toxic fumes that will be inhaled by all.

  4. Desks may be shielded, classroom sizes will be severely reduced, and social distancing will be enforced. Playground equipment will be restricted or eliminated. Gyrating with hoola hoops in your designated circle on the playground seems to be the new form of exercise I've noticed in the school near me.

  5. Many schools have 5G towers on or near the schools. Meters to measure 5G radiation at all frequencies are not available to most people.

  6. It is imperative that both you and your children be in the best of health by eating an alkaline diet, linked below.

  7. Class attendance will not be every day, requiring working parents to be present at home on the non-attendance days.

  8. The optional "home-schooling" programs still provide parents with a wide choice of independent cirriculum content, and the elimination of objectionable material, such as inappropriate sex education. Click on the free one below.

  9. Be aware that the home-schooling vaccine exemptions could still be eliminated.

  10. Scheduling of home-school "class time" is also highly flexible, allowing for parents to also work part-time. Historically, home-schooled children outperform public school children academically.

  11. It iwas always uncertain what the school policy would be if a student or teacher is tested positive for the coronavirus (even if it is a false positive.) There was/is the draconian possibility that all students will be taken to a detention center and the parents given the choice to vaccinate themselves and their child before the child can be reunited with the parent and subsequently readmitted to school.

I Can't Afford to Quit My Job and Home School

Carmel Lee Mooney

All I see on Facebook for the first weeks was people talking about pulling their kids out of public schools. I heard all the excuses. I’ve been a homeschooling coach since 2005. I have taught 1000’s of people how to homeschool for less than $1 per day and in about 1-2 quality hours per day. Yes, after work and weekends even work! How can I say this? I was a public school teacher until 1998. The day they told me I had to teach 8th graders about anal sex was my last day in the indoctrination camp. I then started a small private homeschool where I taught my own kids and a couple of others. It wasn’t expensive and it didn’t take a lot of time. I worked from home and traveled while caring for two dying elderly family members and my special needs kid and my other kids and we lived way out in the country an hour from any civilization while my husband had a 70 minute commute each way and was gone 10-11 hours a day and I still pulled it off. In fact, it made life easier. There was flexibility. There was creativity. There was sacrifice. There is always a way. No excuses. Shared custody with abusers, dying parents, no support system, tiny budget, living in an RV, special needs, no help from spouse, blended families, I’ve overcome it all and helped others to do the same. Contact.

Should I and my family take the coronavirus vaccination and booster shots?

  1. What To Do If They Knock On Your Door

  2. Historically, no vaccine has ever prevented any disease.

  3. All vaccines contain various and significant poisons, as verified by the Poison Control Center.

  4. All vaccines have serious side effects, including death.

  5. Vaccine producers accept no liability for vaccine injuries or death.

  6. The stated goal by Bill Gates and other Deep State sources is the reduction of the worldwide population.

  7. If forced or coerced to vaccinate in order to function in society (have a job, buy food, have a drivers license, etc.), one will have to rely on God for protection, as promised in the Bible. Don't think that they have come this far just to give you a choice in the matter.

  8. Be aware that adults will eventually be required to take the children's vaccines. Also included for adults will be the useless and usually debilitating (and sometimes deadly) yearly "flu" shots. These adult shots will be required to be administered within a short window of time once they are eventually legislated.

  9. Doctors are exempt from all shots. Nurses are not.

What can I do to eliminate the 5G radiation poisoning?

As of now, there is no scientifically proven effective shielding from 5G radiation, which operates over a wide range of frequencies, modulations and intensities. Alkalization of our bodies can help. But again, God's protection is available, as promised in the Bible.

Ken N.

November 19, 2022


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What separates the ErnestLMartin.com sites from the others?

We provide knowledge on many facts not known by most people:

  1. There are no disease-causing viruses that float through the air causing massive havock around the world. The so-called coronavirus does not even exist.

  2. All disease starts in the body as a result of uneliminated excess acid.

  3. Vaccines have never worked and have caused death and injury to thousands of children and adults for over 200 years.

  4. Big Pharma is the most powerful false god of our present day.

  5. God is in control as He always has been.

  6. God ultimately selects all world leaders.

  7. God has allowed secret organizations to run much of the world down through time.

  8. We view these organizations and other heavenly beings through a glass, darkly.

  9. All have been saved before the foundation of the world.

  10. We do have a choice of being in the first resurrection and Kingdom of God, or of being in the second resurrection. Either way, all are saved.

  11. We are the only ones that we know of  to follow Christ's instruction to heal the sick and preach the kingdom of God.

  12. We are not in the end times. Other coinciding events must also happen.

  13. The Bible is God's word to us. While it is the most popular book ever written, it is also the least read and understood. Here is who wrote it.

  14. Our recommended list of news sources is the most extensive online. No one source has all truth, but all have bits and pieces.

  15. We base our theological understandings on the independent biblical research of the late Dr. Ernest L. Martin.

  16. More detailed information is available here.

Some complain that reading, listening, and learning are hard! They are hard, but God will reward your efforts: “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.”
• Proverbs 25:2
We are much more than kings. You are one of God’s children (a prince or a princess of the Living God). If you do not “search out” the truths of God and Christ, you are missing out on comforting and exciting information for you and (eventually) for everyone you know.
The Holy Scriptures are intended to give proper messages to believers from God in the manner that He thinks best. Remember these words of God from Isaiah: “So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”
• Isaiah 55:11  David Sielaff david@askelm.com